Rudra Introduction

Rudra offers protection against all forms of malicious software’s - viruses, spy ware, crime ware, worms and trojans. The experts at Rudra have created one of the most innovative technology in detecting malicious code in an 'Unknown State'.

Rudra ("Patent pending", USPTO) technology is unique and does not use any virus signatures and therefore no periodic updates required. It offers comprehensive protection against past, present and future viruses and thereby providing total protecting from malware.

The increasing sophistication of viruses and its variants has led to higher risk of infection, and has increased the efforts in pattern extraction to cope with such variants. Since these infections can cause immediate and serious damage, Rudra fills this gap with an accurate detection technology that can prevent this damage by detecting unknown viruses.

How does Rudra works?

To make your system invulnerable, Rudra does not restrict itself to recognizing known viruses (like signature and heuristic technology). It simply focuses on making sure that the malware cannot run on your system in order to cause any damage by:

* Enhancing system security and integrity by preventing execution of known and unknown malware
* Shielding the RAM memory of the PC
* Rudra differentiates between legitimate applications and malware. It is designed to capture the malware as soon as it enters the PC before it can install
* Rudra does not wait till it starts executing. It simply secures the malware either by immediately deleting it, or cordoning it off to a ‘safe’ area on the PC’s hard disk

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